A New Year and New Products Now Available at Salem's Moon

Start 2022 with something magickal! Salem's Moon has some new items you will want to check out to help you make the most of the new year.

The Wyrd Enchanted Notebook

For anyone who loves to journal, Salem's Moon now has The Wyrd Enchanted Notebook, a personal, customizable journal for your magickal needs. It is not a book about magick, but rather a place for capturing your thoughts and experiences in the realm of magick. All notebook inserts are printed on antique style paper with 8½” x 11” pages designed to fit a standard three ring binder. Here's what's available:

A Moon Journal
Plan and track magickal happenings throughout the year with a calendar and journal page for each moon of the year. Includes additional sections for rites and meditations, and magickal work, where you can detail intention, timing, ingredients, and instructions, sketch in a vision space, and note how your work manifests.

Tarot Journal
Build your personal tarot knowledge base with a journal for your readings and a separate index for all 78 cards of a typical tarot deck. The tarot index comes in two versions — Rider-Waite-Smith and blank for other decks.

Combine all your Wyrd Enchanted Notebook inserts together in an elegant black or brown binder with a vintage look and a magickal cover exclusively from Salem’s Moon.

A Wyrd Subscription is also available so each moon, you can receive fresh inserts for your magickal work, rites and meditations, and tarot readings and enhance your Wyrd Enchanted Notebook with special inserts on a variety of magickal topics.

Dragon's Blood Ink & Pen Set

Salem's Moon now has ink made by hand with Medieval Dragon’s Blood (Dracaena cinnabari) to produce a rich blood red color imbued with the powerful magick of dragons. The set includes a jar of ink, a dip pen, and parchment paper.

Intention Bags

Salem's Moon can now prepare a special intention bag just for you! Intention bags are amulets containing carefully selected stones and herbs, anointed with full moon water and Salem's Moon's own oil blends. Whether you are hoping for healing, love, prosperity, protection, or wisdom, these bags will help you draw energy and inspiration.

And the new year has only just begun!

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