Candle Essentials from Salem's Moon

It’s been hard to meet the demand for candles with limited supplies these days, but as of now, Salem’s Moon has candles available in every color we offer. Candles are an incredibly powerful tool that assists in spell work, rituals, and manifestation. Many religions incorporate the practice of lighting a candle for spiritual purposes, and many people will light a candle for just relaxation. Here are a few candle magick basics for you to consider.

Candles can represent the four elements:

  • Earth: the unlit candle
  • Fire: when the candle is lit
  • Water: when the fax from the lit candle melts
  • Air: the smoke as the candle burns

There are a vast variety of ways to incorporate candles in your magickal practice such as divination from the melted candle wax, interpreting the candle flame, or simply letting the candle burn as you focus on your intention. There is no one right way to perform candle magick!

The color of your candle represents the energy you wish to manifest. Just as our chakras and auras have a unique identifying color, so do candles. Salem’s Moon taper candles can be carved and anointed with our exclusive oil blends and herbs. The following is a full list of our candles and what each color is used for.


Black: protection, absorbs negativity, uncrossing, banishing, repelling, ending, binding, breaking unhealthy habits. Since this candle absorbs negative and unwanted energies, extinguish flame when there is a half to a fourth of the candle left. Dispose safely AWAY FROM YOUR PROPERTY OR PLACES YOU FREQUENT!

Blue: transforms negativity to positivity, peace, health, communication, problem solving, remembering dreams, truth, insight, legal matters, wisdom, business success, balances logic with intuition. Associated with the Throat Chakra.

Brown: abundance, success, peace, stability, friendships, matters of practicality. Great for pet spells, court cases, self-esteem issues

Green: money, abundance, wealth, fertility, healing health, luck, prosperity, stimulates growth, success, counteracts jealousy and greed. Associated with the Heart Chakra.

Orange: creativity, vitality, courage, goal setting, intellect, legal affairs, justice, celebration, ambition, encouragement, stimulation, energy, willpower. Associated with the Sacral Chakra.

Pink: long-lasting love, self-love, family relationships, intimacy, forgiveness, friendship, spiritual and emotional love, peace, affection. Great for attracting your soulmate, friends, and inner beauty.

Purple: psychic connection, intuition, clairvoyance, increased spiritual connection, meditation, divinity, empowerment, wisdom, confidence, expansion. Associated with the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra.

Red: passion, intense, romantic physical love, sex, lust, sexual energy, aphrodisiac. Associated with the Root Chakra.

White: reflects energy, healing, purity, new beginnings, protection, truth, peace, harmony, calming the mind, balance, great for house blessings. Since white light is the reflection of all colors, a white candle may be used in place if your desired candle is unavailable.

Yellow: inspiration, focus, learning, clarity, new ideas, logic, creativity, intellect, success, charisma. Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

To learn more, check out the book Coventry Magic with Candles, Oils, and Herbs by Jacki Smith. Salem’s Moon has copies available for sale and they’re signed by the author herself!

-Lisa Sullivan

Spells, readings, and objects used for magickal purposes are not a substitute for legal, financial, psychiatric, or medical help and are intended for support of one’s religious and/or spiritual beliefs and practices, the appreciation of various cultural traditions or folklore, or for entertainment purposes only. No guarantees are made or implied.