Teach or Read at Your Local Magick and Metaphysical Shop: Special Programming Opportunities Available at Salem's Moon

Did you know Salem's Moon offers classes, workshops, and other special programs for the magickal and metaphysical community? We do, and we're hoping to expand! If you have the desire to share your knowledge and experience in order to help others to learn and grow, we have some opportunities for you to get involved.

Salem's Moon Programs

As we develop our own programming calendar, we'll be looking for qualified presenters to cover a wide range of magickal and metaphysical subjects. Presenters will receive a fantastic opportunity to showcase their talents. This includes being featured on our website and in our monthly newsletter. Plus after a presentation is given, the lead presenter will receive payment based on content and materials! Salem's Moon handles event promotion and attendee registration, so you don't have to worry about any of the logistics. If selected as a presenter, you will receive a topic and description for a presentation that you prepare and give at a scheduled date and time. All presentation materials and requests for supplies must be submitted in a timely manner and are subject to approval. Paid presenters own their presentation materials and grant non-exclusive rights to their presentation materials to Salem's Moon. A minimum number of paid attendee registrations may be required for an event to be held. To be considered for this opportunity, interested individuals should submit a cover letter and a bio/resume detailing their areas of expertise to Jessica at jessica@salemsmoon.com.

Some of the topics we are currently considering:

  • An Introduction to Witchcraft
  • Herbalism
  • Using Crystals
  • Astrology
  • Tarot Reading
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Chakras and Auras
  • Spellwork
  • Magickal Journaling

Guest Readers and Programs

If you have a program or service of your own that you think will be of value to the Salem's Moon community, let us know. Salem's Moon has space for one-on-one readings and morning and evening classes. Use of a reading room costs $20 per hour when Salem's Moon is open or $30 per hour when Salem's Moon is closed. Space for morning and evening classes costs $30 per hour. While your event will be listed on the Salem's Moon calendar, you handle all the logistics, including setting registration fees, processing attendee registrations and payments, and promoting your event. You can cancel your event with at least 24-hour's notice without penalty. Salem's Moon is not liable for the contents of your program or the services you provide. Use of Salem's Moon space is subject to approval and availability. If you would like to receive approval to use available space at Salem's Moon, send your proposal to Jessica at jessica@salemsmoon.com.

Some Things to Keep in Mind...

All programs are intended to be of service to the Salem's Moon community. Obvious attempts at marketing or promoting a product or service, or a religious or political point of view, are not permitted.

The maximum number of attendees at an event is 12 with social distancing, or 24 without social distancing. This number may vary depending on the nature of the program and any special activities. Our reading rooms can each accommodate up to four individuals including the reader.

We have a standard disclaimer that must be apparent in all programming offered at Salem's Moon. It states "Spells, readings, and objects used for magickal purposes are not a substitute for legal, financial, psychiatric, or medical help and are intended for support of one’s religious and/or spiritual beliefs and practices, the appreciation of various cultural traditions or folklore, or for entertainment purposes only. No guarantees are made or implied."

In addition to our standard disclaimer, it should be clear when appropriate if the FDA has not evaluated any claims presented. Other disclaimers may also be required.

Event registrants under the age of 18 must obtain permission of a parent or guardian to attend events at Salem's Moon.

Events at Salem's Moon must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. Salem's Moon reserves the right to impose additional health and safety rules at its sole discretion.

At an additional per-person cost, Salem's Moon can provide beverage service (coffee, tea, water). We regret that we are unable to provide food service. If you wish to provide your own food or beverages, please contact us.

Alcohol and drug use are not permitted at Salem's Moon.

A 50% deposit is due when booking space. The remaining 50% is due at the time of the event. All parties reserve the right to postpone or cancel any event due to weather or other "acts of God" without liability.

We're here to help you shine! If you have any questions regarding your program or service, we encourage you to email Jessica at jessica@salemsmoon.com.