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Salem's Moon

Flying Incense

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1 oz. 3”x 5” Re-sealable Bag

Traditionally burned to aid in astral projection and/or out of body experiences.

All of our 1 oz. 3"x5" bags of loose incense are hand-blended and made with only the highest grade of fragrances and essential oils.

Ingredients: Natural woodbase with Calamus, Musk, Juniper, Sandalwood Bayberry, Anise, Cinnamon, Clove and Allspice Essential Oils.

Our loose incenses contain enough essential oils that it is possible to light them with or without a charcoal base.

Be sure to burn loose incense in a heat resistant container or

cast iron cauldron ONLY! Keep away from children, pets and from flammable


All Salem's Moon products are For External Use Only!

For Entertainment Purposes Only! The items listed are not potions or spells, but are ingredients that you may or may not use to createyour own magical rites.

Must be 18 years and older to purchase!